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Careers: How to Break Into a Career in Blockchain

Canadian Government Declares Crypto Businesses to be Regulated

Careers in tech generally break down to two sides of the same coin. One is the product dimension and the other is the business dimension.

Product breaks down into the “Digital Trinity” of Data (Science or Product Analytics), (Product) Design, and (Product) Development, with Product Management at its center.

Likewise, the “Enterprise Trinity” of business comprises of Finance & Accounting, Service Design (Community Development), and Business Development (Marketing & Sales or Growth, etc.), with Business Management at its center.

The majority of tech jobs are in product or business development, as both tie directly to the bottom line. This is why the tech job market contains multiple postings for product developers and various sales roles. All other jobs are auxiliary and serve to enable, ease, and expedite development.

When it comes to the blockchain and digital currency world, it’s no different. There are indeed careers in all other aspects including specialty areas, just as is with all other high-tech fields.

Blockchain-related roles have tripled in the last year on LinkedIn, with the majority being blockchain developers. Traditional educational institutions are failing to produce blockchain developers against the outpacing demand for them. Given this, the following roles are also quite high in demand if one cannot become a blockchain developer.

Product design (UX, UI, and/or IX) careers in blockchain

A key to bringing blockchain to the masses is user experience.

Many see digital currencies as incredibly volatile and full of dubious new coins/tokens that have the potential of being a pyramid scheme. This leads to a perception that blockchain is frightening, leading many to ignore the technology.

Additionally, certain blockchain use cases can seem outlandish, weird, and off-putting. Many blockchain use cases have good intentions but bad outcomes stemming from confusing user experiences, such as the monetization of emails.

Good product design tackles all of these issues, and more.

Thankfully, not all blockchain solutions require specialized design skills. This is because the front-end may be indistinguishable between a decentralized vs. centralized backend. This means product designers who wish to get into blockchain won’t encounter a big learning curve as opposed to entering other fields such as IoT or quantum computing.

Data analysis, data science, and machine learning careers in blockchain

When the cloud came out, big data became a huge trend. That data, however, is stored in multiple silos and disparate data centres. Data mining emerged as a result. With decentralized systems, though, it may no longer be in as much of a need.

The demand for data analysts/scientists or AI & Machine Learning engineers will continue to increase exponentially due to the influx of decentralized data.

Real-time fraud detection will become ever more in demand due to the fact that blockchain has a database record for every transactions. Data science in this area will provide a way for institutions to check for patterns in real-time.

Legal, compliance, public, and civil service careers in blockchain

Despite many believing that blockchain’s will replace lawyers with smart contracts, the truth cannot be more opposite.

With the rise of ICO’s, the need for compliance-related roles to ensure that these new coins and tokens are regulated have surged.

Additionally, lawyers themselves can take advantage of blockchain’s security, which makes sharing documentation with clients much easier. Furthermore, blockchain’s expediency helps legal teams execute much faster. Both of these features create efficiencies for law firms, increasing profits if done properly.

On top of this, any roles related to law or public policy will need to strongly consider how to weave blockchain into their practices. This due to blockchain’s many intersections within the worlds of cybersecurity, insurance, intellectual property, energy practices, taxation, or accounting, among others.

Consultants, thought-leaders, and subject matter experts

Those with specialized knowledge of the technology or an industry vertical will always be high in demand. For blockchain, a surge of those with expert knowledge have occurred for ICO’ing companies as well as consulting firms alike. Areas of expertise include but aren’t limited to finance and accounting, cryptography or cybersecurity, and industry verticals such as supply chain, logistics & transportation, healthcare, international development, and energy & renewables.

Those with deep understanding of these fields can help firms better understand how to take advantage of blockchain technology.

Self employment

There has never been a better time to become a digital currency investor or blockchain entrepreneur.

Given consolidation and saturation in the other 4th Industrial Revolution fields such as IoT and AI, blockchain is the next major area for new entrants. There are many opportunities for first or second-mover advantage with the growth of the blockchain field. 

To become successfully self-employed, pay attention to the movers and shakers in order to better understand how to navigate this space wisely.

Blockchain and Human Resources

Traditional job portals such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor usually work for finding careers in blockchain. That being said, specialized services have popped up as well, such as BitJob, CryptoJobsList, CryptoJobs, BlockchainJobz, and BlockchainJobs.

For those who wish to get into blockchain development but aren’t sure where to start, tech companies such as IBM, BlockGeeks, and the BlockchainHub have risen to the occasion to take the place of traditional institutions in providing courses (online or offline) and certifications in this realm.


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