Blockchains and Bagels: the morning market update to get you ready for the day ahead. Today, South Korea takes steps to allow ICOs while Coincheck delists privacy coins in advance of FSA policy.

The National Assembly of South Korea releases a proposal to allow ICOs

The proposal by South Korea’s National Assembly would allow for the domestic issuance of initial coin offerings and reverse the ban from last September. The lack of clear guidelines has pushed blockchain to jurisdictions abroad, with fewer regulatory protections.

German authorities sell US$14 million in seized digital assets

The Bavarian justice treasury sold a basket of digital assets seized from The website had been shut down for selling ebooks and audiobooks illegally. The operators have been arrested and are cooperating authorities.

Deloitte sees blockchain disrupting retail and consumer packaged goods

Deloitte has issued a report outlining the impacts of blockchain technology on consumer, supply-chain and the payments industry. The report highlights the importance of aligning the technology with business objectives.

Coincheck has removed privacy coins following FSA policy

Coincheck has delisted privacy coins ahead of the June 18th ban. The FSA has issued a policy banning trading of privacy-centric coins. The exchange will liquidate all remaining client balances to Yen at market rates.

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