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Blockchains and Bagels Daily Market Roundup – 06.21.2018

Genesis Mining, Huobi, Microsoft

Blockchains and Bagels: the morning market update to get you ready for the day ahead. Today, Genesis Mining offers a new round of Bitcoin mining contracts. Bloomberg has added Huobi’s digital currency index to the terminal.

Genesis Mining offers a new round of Bitcoin mining contracts

The cloud mining company has brought back its popular Bitcoin mining contracts. Customers can purchase contracts for hashing power that last up to 5 years, gaining mining exposure without the capital outlay or maintenance. The last round sold out with three days.

Bloomberg adds Huobi Digital currency market index

Bloomberg has added Huobi’s HB10 index to the terminal. The HB10 index tracks the ten most traded digital assets, taking into consideration market value and liquidity. Huobi has also launched an exchange-traded product that tracks the index.

Microsoft and EY have launched a blockchain platform for royalty management

The companies have developed a platform based on the Quorum protocol to manage royalties and entertainment rights. Royalties are currently calculated, paid and reviewed manually by each party involved. The implementation of a distributed ledger removes the need for verification and allows for accruals for royalty payments as they occur.

The French financial market regulator issues warning on digital asset investments

The Autorité des Marchés Financiers(AMF) has added four digital asset websites to a list of companies offering investments without authorization. The AMF regulates the financial markets in France and ensures the safety of investment products.

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