Blockchains and Bagels: the morning market update to get you ready for the day ahead. Today, De Beers is taking the diamond industry to the 21st century by using blockchains to track the value chain while Kik Interactive teams up with Stellar.

De Beers launches a program to track diamonds on a blockchain

De Beers has initiated a program called Tracr to track diamonds along the value chain. They are currently following 100 diamonds from cutting to retailing which is helping to ensure legitimacy. Each stone is given a unique ID that is recorded on the blockchain and linked to the stones attributes.

Bloomberg & Galaxy Digital launch a digital asset index

Bloomberg has teamed up with Michael Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital to launch a digital asset index. The market-weighted index tracks the performance of 10 digital assets and is available on the terminal.

Kik Interactive announces plans to launch Kin through a fork of Stellar chain

The company provided an update on its plans to launch a digital currency. The team is working closely with the Stellar development team to create a fork of the chain for Kin.

Ethereum commits to governance plan at first EIP:0 Summit

The first EIP:0 Summit was hosted this month with governance as the main topic of discussion. The summit was attended by notable stakeholders in the Ethereum ecosystem which agreed to create a statement of shared values. A second summit has been planned with greater access across the community.

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