Blockchains and Bagels: the morning market update to get you ready for the day ahead. Today, Consensus 2018 launches with panelists speaking on various topics including decentralized exchange, mining and regulatory concerns.

Blockchain week kicks off in NYC with all eyes on Consensus 2018

Market attention has turned to Coindesk’s Consensus conference as members of the digital asset community converge in New York City. Panels cover all topics from regulatory concerns, network governance and mining.

Thailand declares digital tokens and currencies as assets to be regulated by SEC

The country has issued a royal decree declaring digital currencies and tokens as assets. Digital assets will fall under the regulatory mandate of the country’s Securities Exchange Commission. Broker’s must register in order to trade digital assets and anyone that transacts with an unregistered broker could face up to two years in jail and monetary fines.

CFO leaves Commonwealth Bank to join as COO

Rob Jesudason has resigned from his role as the CFO of Australia’s Commonwealth Bank. He will be joining, the group behind EOS, as President & COO at the end of the year.

A German online bank, Bitbond, has begun using Bitcoin as a method for loan transfers

The online bank will allow small businesses to borrow up to EUR$50,000 and use the Bitcoin blockchain to transfer funds. The company will borrow in fiat to purchase Bitcoin to facilitate the capital transfer across borders. When the Bitcoin transaction is verified it will then sell the Bitcoin for fiat to lend to its client.

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