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Blockchains and Bagels Daily Market Roundup – 06.14.2018

Coinbase, Palo Alto Networks, Michigan

Blockchains and Bagels: the morning market update to get you ready for the day ahead. Today, Coinbase Asset Management releases index fund for institutional investors. Palo Alto Networks reports on the impacts of malicious software on Monero.

Coinbase Asset Management launches index fund for institutional investors

Coinbase has opened its index fund for institutional investors. Coinbase Asset Management is taking applications from US-based accredited investors that can allocate between US$ 250,000 and US$ 20 million. The fund provides investors market cap weighted exposure to all digital assets traded on Coinbase.

Security researcher, Palo Alto Networks, reports 5% of all circulating Monero likely mined by malware

Palo Alto Networks published a post examining the impact of mining malware on the Monero network. Using the company’s data on malware reports, they were able to identify Monero as the preferred digital asset by bad actors. In analyzing the data, they conclude ~800,000 Monero had been mined by malicious software or roughly 5% of the circulating float.

Michigan proposes legislation to make changes to public blockchains illegal

State representative Curt Wanderwall proposed amendments to a bill that would make altering records on distributed ledgers a crime. If passed, the legislation could have impacts on the consequences of a 51% attack.

Thailand’s SEC may approve 5 ICOs this month

The country’s SEC saw interest from 50 ICO projects and is expected to approve 5 for an initial pilot. The regulator is carefully screening all projects for potential scams, supporting those that are easily vetted and have commercial value.

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