Blockchains and Bagels: the morning market update to get you ready for the day ahead. Today, Canaan Creative, the second largest ASIC manufacturer, eyes US$1 billion IPO in Hong Kong. The CFTC and SEC continue talks over Ether’s classification.

Canaan Creative eyes listing on Hong Kong stock exchange

The second largest ASIC manufacturer has submitted an application for an IPO in Hong Kong. The company is looking to raise US$1 billion by the end of summer. They have also been developing chips for artificial intelligence applications.

The CME launches Ether indexes in partnership with CryptoFacilities

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange will publish two Ether indexes compiled by CryptoFacilities. The UK based digital asset exchange launched Ether futures trading early last week.

CFTC and SEC have held meetings to discuss Ether classification

At Consensus 2018 Brian Quintenz, a commissioner on the CFTC, mentioned discussions between staffers at the CFTC and SEC over Ether’s regulatory framework. The bodies are looking to come to an agreement on the classification and regulatory jurisdiction.

St. Louis Fed President Bullard does not see digital assets as a threat to the dollar

At the Consensus Conference, Fed President Bullard spoke on the difficulties for digital assets to be used as currencies from the lack of uniformity. The instability in the exchange rates creates a problem when transacting for goods and services. He also does not see the Fed introducing its own digital currency.

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