Update: As of May 19th, CryptoKitties said that the “CurryKitties” campaign is suspended until further notice.

The developers posted that they have reason to believe Stephen Curry was not as involved in the creation of the limited edition promotion as they previously thought. Further details are not yet known at this time.

(May 8th, 2018) This week, the team behind the viral digital collectible sensation, CryptoKitties, announced the release of three special edition digital kittens. These kittens are named “Steph Fur Three,” “Chef Furry,” and “#30 Furry,” and each pay homage to famous NBA icon, Stephen Curry.

Reportedly, this is the result of a deal hatched with Stephen Curry’s emoji app development company, and marks CryptoKitties’ first celebrity engagement.

Introducing CurryKitties

As CryptoKitties announced on its website, the team is auctioning three limited edition “CurryKitties.” Each limited edition kitten resembles some aspect of Stephen Curry’s likeness.

In the announcement, the CryptoKitties team called this the world’s first officially licensed sports “cryptocollectible,” and is the platform’s first partnership with a celebrity.

These new digital kittens are the result of a deal between CryptoKitties’ Canadian parent company, Axiom Zen, and Stephen Curry’s emoji app development company, Moji. According to the team, these new limited-edition kittens are more than just a cute addition to the platform – they’re an illustrative example of the potential of blockchain collectibles.

“With CryptoKitties, we don’t want to just imagine how blockchain can make something new or solve a problem. We want to show you,” the team stated. “That’s why we partnered with Steph Curry to create the first officially licensed sports cryptocollectible.”

CryptoKitties and the value of blockchain collectibles

CryptoKitties used the creation of these new collectibles to address the worth of digital assets. Through comparisons to traditional sports collectibles, the team is attempting to highlight why blockchain-based collectibles have a similar potential for widespread adoption.

To illustrate its point, the team compared these CurryKitties to valuable baseball cards. Here, CryptoKitties pointed out that blockchain technology allows for collectibles that cannot be forged, duplicated, or mass-printed.

Further, digital collectibles can be sold and traded online in a way that could otherwise prove difficult with a physical collectible. These trades are made safe thanks to blockchain technology, as both internal and external checks can verify the authenticity of the collectible.

The value of digital collectibles is a sentiment parotted by Union Square Ventures (USV), which became one of CryptoKitties’ largest backers in its recent $12 million funding wave.

“A CryptoKitty is a ‘non fungible digital asset’ which means it is a piece of digital content that is unique, has a fixed number, and that someone can own, buy, sell, trade, etc.” said USV founder, Fred Wilson, at the time. “At USV, we think digital collectibles is one of many amazing things that blockchains enable that literally could not be done before this technology emerged.”



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