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UNICEF Initiative Lets Users Mine Digital Currency for Syrian Children


Global children’s aid foundation UNICEF recently launched a new way to let ordinary people support children in Syria using digital currency.

Game Chaingers is a new initiative that invites gamers to help out by loaning their computer’s resources for the purposes of digital currency mining. Supporters lend their computing power to mine ethereum, which goes directly into UNICEF’S digital currency wallet.

While anyone with a ‘recent’ graphics card can support UNICEF’s initiative with minimal hassle, the program hopes to appeal to gamers, since gamers tend to have powerful computer stations.

Mining digital currency for UNICEF

Digital currency mining is an avenue made profitable thanks to the popularity of the digital currency market. The process works through the use of a computer’s graphics card, automatically solving complex equations for the purpose of verifying digital currency transactions.

In exchange, participating computers receive the transaction fee as a reward for each verification. In the case of Game Chaingers, the individuals donate their reward to UNICEF. The increasing popularity of digital currency mining recently earned interest from major players like Samsung, who are set to begin producing ASIC hardware for miners and mining farms.

Additionally, gamers have previously criticized graphics card manufacturer, Nvidia, due to the fact that the popularity of digital currency mining makes powerful graphics cards increasingly scarce. Many in the community argue that this initiative takes even more cards away from the hands of gamers.

Calling on the global community

Game Chaingers calls upon the global community for the purpose of bringing everyone together to support those in need. Aside from electricity costs, supporters incur no costs for this new initiative.

UNICEF states that mining uses approximately the same amount of electricity as playing a resource-hungry video game. To begin supporting UNICEF, participants only need to install Claymore Mining Software, a free Ethereum miner available directly from the Chaingers website.

From there, participants can start or stop mining software at any time, making it easy to lend a helping hand.

The program aims to aid the Syrian children that UNICEF identified as living in the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. UNICEF estimates that 13.5 million people are in need of life-saving assistance in Syria, including 6 million children.

The program runs until March 31st, 2018, so there’s lots of time to get involved. Additionally, those that are unable to use their computer’s resources, but are stilling willing to help, can donate via Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and Ethereum.


Image credit: Unicef


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