Recently, a charitable campaign called Kitties For A Cause managed to successfully raise funds for the Seattle Children’s Hospital. The campaign was started by a fourth grader and her dad, furthering a recent trend of altruism in the digital currency industry.

Auctioning CryptoKitties for a good cause

For their ability to grant value to digital assets, digital collectibles like CryptoKitties are more innovative than they might seem at first glance. It seems this view is also held by Bella, a fourth grader who found her own sense of value in the rising digital collectible scene.

Kitties For A Cause is a project that started when Bella decided to give away a few of her CryptoKitties, after accumulating what she considered to be a significant number of digital cats.

With the help of her dad, the pair decided to create an initiative called Kitties For A Cause (K4C), which collected CryptoKitties to auction them off on behalf of the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The community chipped in, sending K4C various digital kittens in order to support the cause. During the auction, the father-daughter duo managed to raise 21.6 ETH, which was traded for $15,052.91 USD (over $19,000 CAD).

On June 1st, 2018, Bella will donate the money to hospital staff at the Seattle Children’s Hospital, having successfully raised a significant amount of money for sick children in need.

Charity in the digital currency industry

Earlier this month, a mysterious user known as ‘Pine’ said farewell to their ambitious charitable project. The Pineapple Fund closed after turning a total of 5,104 BTC into millions of dollars donated to various charities and causes.

The fund is another example of the digital currency industry inspiring altruism, as the user donated over $55,750,000 USD (over $71 million CAD) after finding themselves with a sudden and unexpected Bitcoin fortune.

Recently, Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary caught the attention of the public when they announced a donation of $4 million USD (over $5 million CAD) to The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund on behalf of Ripple.

The move followed Ripple’s previous charitable pursuit, where it donated millions of dollars worth of the digital currency XRP to, aiming to support underfunded teachers and classrooms.


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