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ClanPlay Raises $2 million for Aion Blockchain-based Gamer Reward Platform

ClanPlay Raises $2M for Aion Blockchain-based Gamer Reward Platform

A Tel Aviv, Israel-based startup called ClanPlay has raised the equivalent of approximately $2.5 million CAD in venture funding to develop a platform to reward gamers that will use the Aion blockchain.

Players of games like Clash Royale will be rewarded for in-game actions via the startup, ClanPlay’s new, first of its kind, Good Game Marketplace.

For the Aion blockchain, ClanPlay’s patronage is significant and could help to propel its adoption. ClanPlay will reward gamers with a “Good Game” token (GG), and already has over 2 million users for its highly rated in-game messaging application.

The GG token will be one of the first tokens to be based on the Aion blockchain, a third generation blockchain which can be used to build, and as a base for, decentralized applications, token offerings and enterprise blockchains, much like Ethereum.

Investment by Bicameral Ventures

Blockchain-focused venture capital fund Bicameral Ventures is the lead investor in ClanPlay’s million-dollar seed round. Bicameral CIO Alex McDougall will join the ClanPlay advisory board alongside Aion’s co-founder Kasem Frank, illustrating the sincerity of the backing for this project.

Bicameral, formed in 2018, is dedicated to “seeding the pioneers of the Aion ecosystem,” with a vision of being “the bridge” that enables organizations to build the decentralized internet.

Aion co-founder Frank is also CEO of Bicameral as well as a founding member of Toronto-based Nuco, the creators of the Aion blockchain, and a spin-off from Deloitte’s blockchain division.

“ClanPlay’s choice of the Aion blockchain is a testament of the network’s capabilities and we are excited about their work which is pioneering real world usage of mass-user high-throughput applications,” said Frank.

McDougall also has high hopes for the project, explaining how as investors the Bicameral team found “great appeal in how ClanPlay engaged high profile game developers.” He also commented that the “inclusion of advertisers and developers as participants in the marketplace provides a level of institutional demand for the GG token that we believe is missing from many projects.”

ClanPlay – Rewarding Gamers

ClanPlay created a social community and messaging application for players of Supercell games like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. ClanPlay’s targeting of an estimated 500 million players of clan-based games, which make up the majority of the top 10 mobile games, earned the application 2 million users in its first year.

The ClanPlay platform, founded by Leonard Frankel, will be able to lever its existing user base in the creation of the Good Game Marketplace. The new marketplace will reward players with the GG token for actions such as trading in-game services and participating in large-scale tournaments on popular applications such as Clash Royale and latest success Fortnite.

The blockchain-enabled platform aims to facilitate an exchange of value and allow gamers “to earn money by playing awesome games,” said Frankel. “Of reasons for choosing the Aion blockchain over competitors he describes Aion’s “low cost of transactions, speed of the network and the ability to seamlessly integrate several blockchains into our platform.”

“The Aion platform solves many of our requirements around currency management, security and ease of transactions,” said Asaf Semo, ClanPlay co-founder, adding that Aion’s “interoperability offering (bridging between blockchains), gives us valuable flexibility in an ever-changing future of blockchain diversity.”

The Good Game Marketplace will go live with tournaments towards the end of 2018 following with peer-vs-peer (PvP) challenges and trading of in-game services in 2019. GG tokens, as the form of “payout” or “winnings” will be held in an Aion wallet.

The project team confirmed that GG tokens will soon be tradeable on at least one of the major exchanges. ClanPlay is working on an in-platform solution to make future token trading seamless.

This form of monetization is part of what some describe as the “leisure economy,” “exchange of value,” or “internet of value,” growing trends to reward internet, social, and gaming platform users. Blockchain technology and its token-creating functionality is a vital tool to enable the “value” required for these very near future concepts.


Image credit: ClanPlay and Good Game Logo


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