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Basic Attention Token Launches Support for Twitch Publishers, Adds $1M to Referral Program

Basic Attention Token Adds Twitch Support and $1M to Referral Program

Brave Software, the team behind Basic Attention Token, announced that the platform now allows individual content creators on the popular site,, to register as publishers with the platform. Publishers signed up for the service are able to earn money directly from their supporters, and the move is a part of the team’s ongoing strategy to grow the platform.

A representative for Basic Attention Token clarified that the move to support Twitch content creators had been in the works for some time, and was not affected by the release of, which allows users to donate to Twitch streamers via the digital currency, Nano.

Growing the platform with Twitch support

Allowing Twitch creators to become Brave Publishers is part of the team’s ongoing campaign to restructure the current system of digital advertising, which requires growing the platform’s user base.

“Supporting Twitch streamers is part of our mission to reset browsing by giving a better experience to users and content creators,” said BAT CEO and founder, Brendan Eich, in a statement to Coinsquare Discover. “Users love to give to gamers they follow and now Brave lets fans directly support their favorite Twitch streamers.”

The news was long awaited by the BAT community, following the platform’s support for YouTubers in late 2017.

“Since adding support for YouTube channels, we’ve seen incredible adoption by YouTube creators who are tired of arbitrary compensation rules and recurrent demonetization decisions,” the team said in the announcement. “There are now over 7,500 verified YouTube channels that have joined Brave Publishers, with a combined total of nearly 150 million subscribers.”

Topping-up the referral program

With the announcement, Brave also stated that it will be topping-up its current million dollar referral program with a further $1 million USD worth of BAT.

This announcement serves as an extension to the current promotion, which encourages creators to get their audience to make the switch to the Brave browser. In exchange for switching, Brave Software rewards them with $5 USD worth of BAT per person.

Together, both moves aim to increase the platform’s prevalence in a landscape that competitors like Google and Facebook currently dominate, and restructure digital advertising to favour content creators instead of intermediaries.

“We’re excited about fostering a new ecosystem of content creators that can be reconnected with their audiences and rewarded with BAT,” the team stated. “As more creators and users realize they can rely on BAT to reward content, BAT’s utility increases in our new digital services platform.”

Moving forward, the team hopes to extend its services to more “user-generated content platforms.”


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