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Basic Attention Token Unveils New Million Dollar Referral Program

Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token (BAT), the accompanying digital token for the Brave browser, announced an initiative to incentivize new users to adopt the platform.

Basic Attention Token is led by Brendan Eich of Javascript and Mozilla fame, and the team is constantly undergoing efforts to increase their number of users and verified publishers. These efforts previously took the form of a free promotion that granted users $5 USD (approximately $6.25 CAD) worth of tokens to contribute to publishers and websites they enjoy.

Now, the Basic Attention Token team is once again dipping into funds set aside for promotional purposes, offering a total of $1 million USD in this new promotion. The funds are taken directly from the BAT User Growth Pool (UGP), created during the sale of the utility tokens in May 2017.

“We expect the BAT referral program to make it easy for publishers and YouTube creators to further monetize their content, and to expand their pool of contributors,” said Eich, in a statement to Coinsquare Discover.  

The referral program

Through the new referral program, the team will reward publishers approximately $5 USD worth of BAT for each member in their audience that they get to use the Brave browser. BAT stated there is a total of approximately $1 million USD worth of tokens ‘up for grabs.’

Publishers can invite their audience to download Brave through various social media platforms. They can also download the browser through a campaign badge that they can embed on their site. However, BAT notes that referred users have to use the Brave browser ‘at least minimally’ over a 30 day period for the publisher to earn their compensation.

Additionally, the promotional campaign is only available for verified BAT publishers. Here, publishers are defined as YouTubers and website creators that register with Basic Attention Token and can receive contributions from Brave users.

Basic Attention Token takes on its competitors

The idea behind Basic Attention Token is to overthrow the current advertising structure that dominates the majority of the digital world and controls the revenue of most online creators.

However, BAT’s greatest obstacle is the fact that the market is already dominated by companies like Google and Facebook, which do not intend to give up their market share anytime soon.

With the incentives found in this new referral program, and previous promotional attempts, BAT aims to grow its ecosystem in order to give the team the opportunity they need to disrupt the current digital advertising system.

As of the announcement, BAT claims that there are over 8,000 Brave-verified publishers, including over 6,000 YouTube channels with a combined total exceeding 110 million subscribers.

“With this promotion, Brave expects to increase its user base, which recently passed 1.4 million monthly active users,” said BAT, in their announcement. “The growth of users and publishers adopting Brave continues to drive greater utility for the Basic Attention Token platform.”


Image credit: BAT logo


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