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Canada’s Blockchain Research Institute Helping India With Blockchain Infrastructure

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The Blockchain Research Institute announced a new partnership with India’s National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), with the aim of furthering India’s status in the blockchain movement.

Based in Toronto, the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) is a world leader in blockchain research, and is continually exploring new applications for blockchain technology in the real world. Now, through its new partnership with NASSCOM, the BRI is set to continue with its goal of creating international blockchain-based economies.

Expanding on the “historic moment”

In what NASSCOM called a “historic moment in time,” the Indian IT trade association took to Twitter to provide commentary on the live signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU). The event brought together Raman Roy of Quatrro BPO Solutions, and Blockchain Research Institute co-founder Don Tapscott, to discuss their collaborative efforts to advance India’s blockchain industry.

“The usage of blockchain – particularly the ability to take away from the corrupt and for getting the value to the end user for whom it was targeted – that is a utilization case,”  said Roy, when expanding on potential uses for blockchain technology in India. “There are not just a few dozen – I think there are a few hundred – different applications [for blockchain].”

As Tapscott explained at the signing event, there are two phases to the BRI’s collaboration with NASSCOM. The first phase, he said, is to create an “awakening in India,” and “showcase the power of blockchain.”  

The second phase is more ‘hands-on,’ as here Tapscott stated that the collaborative effort seeks to “build stuff” and focus on “making things happen,” referring to building the groundwork for India to enter the forefront of the blockchain movement. Coinsquare Discover reached out to the BRI for further comment.

Creating global blockchain leaders

The Blockchain Research Institute continues to stress the importance of seizing the technological opportunities that blockchain presents. Alongside the BRI, Tapscott previously likened blockchain to the internet, stressing the importance of blockchain as an industry-changing technology.

Aside from efforts to advance global blockchain industries in countries such as India, the BRI continues to advance Canada’s status as a leader in the world of the blockchain. The institute claims that it is currently conducting more than 70 projects focused on investigating applications for blockchain, with the help of its partners.

As a whole, blockchain technology is continuing to foster new avenues of mainstream adoption thanks to government use and institutions focused on the technology’s development.


Image credit: BRI logo


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